About PLW

About plw

Client-focused. Community-minded.

Patrick, Lewis, & Watts is in the people business, not the numbers game. We believe every potential client deserves attentiveness, compassion, and honesty.

We listen.

In the numbers game, you hear a lot of noise. There are jingles, shrieks, and repeating digits. You also hear about quick returns.

At PLW, you don’t hear much at first — because we’re listening. We want to hear about your unique circumstances. Then, we give you an honest assessment, not grandiose projections. If we go forward together, we build a relationship, and PLW takes your case personally.

We do the work.

In the numbers game, low-hanging fruit is always on the menu. Some firms focus on their bottom line, not yours. They use call centers, automated forms, and impersonal formulas.

At PLW, we value your case and tailor our actions to your case. You talk with your lawyer person-to-person; there’s no communications gauntlet to navigate. Together, you and your PLW lawyer(s) determine what’s fair and just. If that means going to trial, PLW is experienced and ready.

We're in the community.

In the numbers game, you’re just that — a number. Often, clients of mass-production firms never know their attorneys, let alone where their attorneys reside and practice. A client might quickly have a few thousand dollars, but the hasty, impersonal settlement might mean years of uncompensated pain and regret.

At PLW, our clients are our neighbors. We share communities and common interests. We go to the same churches, have fun at the same parks and lakes, and root for the same teams (most of the time). The attorneys of PLW know the communities they serve, and they feel an obligation to give back. We’re all in this together.


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