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Stephen Lewis

Stephen R.H. Lewis

Stephen, PLW’s Managing Partner, has always been competitive — first in sports, then in law school trial competitions, and most decidedly in professional practice. For almost as long, he’s felt a calling to make a difference in people’s lives. Being a trial lawyer is an ideal outlet for his competitiveness and his compassion. He represents people whose voices must be heard and whose stories must be told.

Douglas Patrick

Douglas F. Patrick

Successful outcomes, awards, and recognition have been common and constant in Doug’s law career, but he cites a deeper, more personal motivation: “The practice of law is integral to my faith. It has given me the opportunity to honor God through service to my clients.”

Austin Watts

Austin Watts

Austin believes in outworking the other side. He describes his motivation this way: If the case is strong, hard work helps ensure optimal results. If a case seems to be marginal, unmatched tenacity gives a client the best shot. Every client deserves that shot.

Rusty Patrick

Rusty Patrick

Whether he’s helping a client or building something, Rusty likes rolling up his sleeves and doing things the right way. He credits mentors and real-life experiences for his work ethic and compassion. “I enjoy helping people,” Rusty says. “I view the practice of law as a service and not a business.”

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